Dj Pierra Hints That She Is Not Single

For the longest time, netizens have always wondered whether celebrated Kenyan deejay Pierra Makena is in a relationship or not.


This is because unlike other public figures the 40-year-old voluptuous queen is a very private person, and loves to keep most of her personal life away from the limelight.


She is infact so private that no one really knows the identity of the father of her daughter Ricca Pokot who was born 5 years ago.


Meanwhile, the beauty queen has always spoken of him and made it clear that even though they parted ways a while back, they are currently happily co-parenting to raise their young one.

However taking to her Instagram account in a recent post, DJ Pierra Makena hinted that she’s currently in a relationship.

This was after she posted a short video clip where she was at Black Stars Club and Lounge in Nairobi getting ready for her Sunday event.

She also conspicuously accompanied it with Mary J Blige’s hit song dubbed ‘Someone To Love Me’.

However DJ Pierra Makena also added a quick disclaimer saying “Oh NVM (never mind) I’m taken”

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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