Diana Marua Emotional Video, Everyone’s Talking

It is just a few days after days since Diana Marua’s sister, Mitchelle, gave birth to her third baby. Mitchelle already has two kids, twins, a boy, and a girl, which she once shared that life got a little bit rough since she was only nineteen years and she was not ready financially to take care of two kids.

As a YouTuber, Diana managed to give her followers a glimpse of what happened when Mitchelle went into labour. She managed to take her camera to the theatre and filmed everything that she cold. During the entire process, Diana got so emotional as seen in the video.



Michelle and Diana, with no doubt, have such an unbreakable bond. These two once shared how life was when they were growing up and honestly, it has not been easy for them. The video has gained a lot of attention since Diana posted it on her youtube channel.

Below are some of the comments from the video.

God knew diana would be the best and mother to her siblings and the whole family and thats why He made her the top and the first born above alll GOD bless you dee you are a good example 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰i love you😍😍😍😍

Ian’s support oh My God it’s on another level….God bless their marriage. I walked alone during my pregnancy my lovely twins babygirls are turning one year on 25th August..

Eishhh congratulations to @Deimos…she is such a strong lady…I also give a standing ovation to Ian joooh he is just a superb husband 🥺🥺🥺…I love how he takes care of her.

The only channel where we learn,laugh,grow and cry together 🥰🥰Much love mama Heav,you’re such a gem. You’re a dream sister,that one big sister I never had 🥰 congratulations to Mitchell,I speak life and blessings upon her and the baby

So emotional and at the same time it’s joy seeing our little angel coming out healthy 😘 it’s all Glory to our mighty God🙏🙏🙏 congratulations Mitch 👏💖 thank you Diana for being there for her,,you guys are the best 🙏 God continue blessing you abundantly 🙏🙏 welcome to the world baby 🐥🍼🙏❤🎈🎉

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