Dee Is Out Of Control, Fire Her! Jalang`o isn’t the Biggest Fan Of Milele FM presenter Dee.

Last week a video went viral of popular presenters from Milele FM arguing and on the verge of exchanging blows. In the video Dee is hurling insults at Kaka Zema before he walks out and threatens not to return to work on Monday (today). Dee, who was clearly mad in the video , lost it and almost threw her shoe at her co-host but he was long gone. The only thing that barred her from running after Kaka Zema was the Dj in the studio who was trying to calm her down but she was not hearing any of it!

Her workmates at Milele FM haven`t shied away from joining in the conversation.  Jalang`o took to Instagram to share some thoughts on the altercation, and seems he’s not siding with the female presenter.

Milele FM head of radio and radio presenter Alex Mwakideu on the other hand chose not to throw shade unlike his co-host Jalas. His level headed response is priceless!

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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