Could Amber Ray Be Broke?

Faith Makau AKA Amber Ray is one bubbly socialite. She is a mother of one and businessman Jamal’s ex-wife. From what she shares from her social media it seems like Amber is living the kind of life that most of us would want. She normally goes on vacation now and then. Let me not discuss how she spends most of her weekends. But then again, never believe what you see on social media. Most people don’t really post their actual life and no one posts their failures.

Amber Ray is not only a mother, she is also an entrepreneur. Amber Ray knows the power of social media and she uses it well. Recently one of Amber Ray’s friends Phoina took it to her social media page that one of her fans decided to surprise her with five thousand Kenyan shillings.

Phoina is an award-winning makeup artist who is currently in Mombasa. She took it to Instagram to thank one of her friends for sending her five thousand Kenyan shillings to buy some shopping for her mother. She shared a screenshot telling her friend thankyou and all I’m wondering is, couldn’t she have done that privately? Did she have to share and all that? If you ask me, it was an unnecessary move. Anyway, moving on swiftly….back to Amber Ray.


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When Amber Ray saw that, she took it to social media as well and urged her friends to do what they did to Phoina. She asked her followers to send her even if it’s one hundred Kenyan shillings. Believe it or not, those mpesa messages started trickling in. Amber wondered if her followers could go to that extra mile to send her money and they did.

Phoina is in Mombasa to visit her parents. Amber wondered why her followers never sent her money every time she announced that she was going to visit her family.

She shared a couple of screenshots showing the amount she has received. One follower sent her five hundred Kenyan shillings and promised Amber that they would send more once they got rich.

The pandemic has really cost people a lot. Including their jobs. But then again, there are people who are randomly sending five hundred shillings to Amber Ray for fun? Truly, there is nothing you won’t see on social media. I wonder how much she got in total. Probably a couple of thousands.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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