Bridget Achieng Exposed

Edgar Obare is a Kenyan blogger popularly known for telling the truth no matter what the consequences it might cause as long as he helps people.


Today, he has talked about the story of Bridget Achieng who is a controversial Kenyan socialite known for so many different things both in Kenya and outside the country.

It’s said that the Socialite was kicked out of the apartment by a Nigerian national and she was mad to the extent that she told police officers that they conducting illegal businesses there.

When the officers came they only found a shisha pot which they were charged with $2200 which amounts to over 220,000 Kenya shillings for nothing.

One of the Nigerians who was interrogated by Edgar says they paid the amount and also Bridget wants to be compensated $200 dollars which is about 20,000 Kenya shillings.

This name @bridgetachieng had opened sooo many doors for me, it’s not easy to enter foreign land and it accepts you ✅✅ i am now a licenced agent here in turkey , i have a company , under 2 months, all i want is to live a legacy ,it’s not been easy , i have slept on the street , been homeless , i will never be scared to tell it as it is …but now my story has changed abroad is not easy but it’s worth it ….i have achieved alot under 2 months …i. Can’t wait for my fellow kenyan sisters and brothers to join me cash out and help our families ….for every glory there is a story . To my late mom and dad will continue making you proud 


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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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