Betty Kyallo’s Message To Haters

Betty Kyallo likes to post on her Instagram stories to connect with her fans. She posted a pic of a renowned Kenyan statement on her story. She went on to say that this assertion is suggesting an individual’s development. It implies the acknowledgment of moving on with your life with no bitterness whatsoever.

Betty Kyalo advised her followers to try not to choose not to move on. Monetary and self-improvement are two key things to help you move on from something or someone in life. Betty Kyallo lately has been on some positive vibe. Especially ever since she started dating her sweetheart Nick Ndeda.



Learn to guard your heart. Many times I’m asked how I deal with trolls or haters and what I’ve learnt for the last 10 years of being a public figure is how to protect my heart and energy. I choose what I consume, I don’t read negative stories, comments about myself plus my close Friends and family never send me things that would affect my spirit. It’s like a bubble. I also learnt the fact that not everyone has to like me😂😂 I’m cool with that because the amount of love I get is super crazy. ❤️Also never let people put crazy expectations on you. Gosh you are human. You are allowed to be, live, be happy, feel sad, fail, rise, fall. It’s ok.

I’m also alive to the fact that it’s not a “famous people” issue. Anyone can go through this. Could be hate, discrimination from relatives and friends. Learn to be blind to things that crush your soul. You don’t have to hear everything. Who said what about you etc… Block the noise and always put your mental health first. Take care of you.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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