Bahati Lets Diana Down

Diana Marua has been psyching up for her birthday the whole of last week, however, she has suffered some disappointment from her husband Kelvin Bahati.

Diana will be officially turning 32 years old tomorrow although she has complained that her husband has not planned anything for her and that he doesn’t seem to care, today in the morning Diana shared a video of her husband still sleeping and according to her that should be the case, instead they should be in the air going on a vacation as it was on her last birthday.


She added that only because her husband bought her a lot of gifts on their anniversary doesn’t excuse him from doing the same this year.

Today is the last day of my Chapter 31 😇🙏

I’m Breathless, I’m Speechless, I’m Overwhelmed with Gratitude. Year 31 has been the Best Chapter of My Life, Yet! I’ve experienced Favour, Abundance and Increase; A Thousand Times Fold. The Greatest of them all, I have Seen God Smile upon my life even when I’m undeserving 😭

I’m looking forward To Begin Chapter 32 Tomorrow, with a Grateful Heart. I can’t wait to see how this Year will Unfold. For this Far, I WILL SHOUT THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD UPON MY LIFE.


A toast to closing Chapter 31 filled with Love and Greatness. 32, see you in abit 05.11.2021 🍾🥂

Most of us have been following the couple and we are conversant with how they do their celebrations,last year Bahati surprised Diana with a number of gifts including a brand new Mercedes, a new phone,a chopper ride within the city, and many other gifts

The same doesn’t seem to be the case this year as Bahati hasn’t shown any signs of celebrations upto today and that makes Diana very angry she says her husband doesn’t care.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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