Are Vera & Mauzo Really Married?

Social media personality Vera Sidika and singer Brown Mauzo have been in a relationship for a long time now. While the couple is no stranger to controversy, their relationship has always been a hot topic on social media. The couple announced their engagement just a month after dating. However, it is their alleged marriage that sparked a massive debate on social media.


Some netizens believe that the couple got married while a portion of netizens doubts this claim.

1. While the couple is known to overshare every single aspect of their lives, they suspiciously did not share any proof of their marriage. This includes pictures of their alleged civil wedding, a marriage certificate, or even an exact date when they tied the knot. She provided an exact date of their engagement, wouldn’t she provide an exact date of her marriage as well?


2. Vera Sidika is known to fiercely defend herself from haters and naysayers by providing evidence or “receipts” which usually shuts down haters. However, she did not provide any “receipts” that would prove the legitimacy of her marriage to singer fiancé Brown Mauzo.


3. Neither Vera Sidika nor Brown Mauzo wears a wedding ring. While Vera Sidika may occasionally wear her engagement ring, the entrepreneur and her ‘Utanizalia’ hitmaker “husband” do not wear wedding rings which are symbols of marriage.



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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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