Andy Kibe Disses Huddah And Amber Ray

Andrew Kibe isn’t saving any big name with regards to offering his perspectives about them. It doesn’t make any difference in case you were his companion, associate, partner, and so forth. Recently he included Kamene Goro, his previous Kiss FM coworker in his internet-based perpetual tirades. Kamene was among the numerous celebs who he condemned for staying silent over the present status of the country. To which Kamene responded to him saying:

Me??? Surely?? Seems you stopped listening to the radio since you left? Bro, keep current, don’t draw me into these rants of yours, respectfully. I am always on the front line.


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Rivaling has turned into a three-step dance to Andrew Kibe; and regardless of how enthusiastically individuals attempt to persuade him to transform, they end up in a circular drive. His unequivocal tirades have now arrived on to socialites Amber Ray and Huddah Monroe. He has named them as business sex laborers; taking note that Amber Ray didn’t have the right to be delegated brand envoy for William Lawson.

These guys, Eric Omondi, said nothing. Jalas said nothing, Kamene Goro, nothing. Betty Kyallo, nothing. None of this motherf*s have opened their mouth to say that wakenya wananyanyaswa… Everybody is quiet. Poko sai inauza pombe… Kila mtu anajua… Me ile siku niliona Huddah amepewa a talk aende akaongee USIU aambie the business class how she does business. I’m like, am I losing my sh*t?”


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Unfortunately even after saying this which is the truth they will still say nothing…waseme nini sasa and they worship the ground this people walk on..wait and see instead of saying something they will attack you 😊😊😊we are Kenyans instead of seeing the truth we see what we want to see

This dude is literally speaking solid shit and all eric can do is run some lame banana jokes about him, shit is so sick

Njugush talks about the bad happening in the country using his art

Edgar Obare tried talking wakakidnap his brother and reported his account for speaking the truth…Kenya is just BS

Kenyans we have got to do better for ourselves. As controversial as this dude is, he just spit some facts on this one. 👏

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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