Amira’s Message To Her Fans

Amira is a known beautiful queen who is always smiling and spreading positive messages on her social media platforms. She loves to caller herself the ambassador of positivity.

She is married to a famous tycoon in the city called Jimal Marlow Rohosafi. He is the chairman of Matatu Operators Sacco in the city and this makes it easy for him to interact with his fans in that field.


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Earlier today, the ambassador of positivity who is out of the country shared a cryptic message on her Instagram page. From the message she talked about how she suffered in the past as she argued with her fans to let her enjoy her life.

When her online family saw the post, they told her to enjoy every minute that she has. Others told her that she did not acknowledge them for helping her chase her co-wife, Amber Ray, out of her marriage


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When Amber Ray was married to Amira’s husband, she humiliated Amira and her children. This broke her down and people helped her fix her marriage.

Badoo haujatuambia asanti kwa kupiga watu vita😂😍

nyumba ndogo bado yuko. Ni muhimu kuishi bila stress na vita.

Kula mama ,nyofoa bila haya😍😍

Enjoy kabisa mama… Kamati tulingoja u address the nation , tulipigana vita sanaa on urbehalf😂😂

Si uchukue simu ya bwanako utu unblock wenye tuliblockiwa 😂

Tulikupigania mpaka mwingine tukapewa block,auntie kwa madoo enjoy life

After kunifanya nikulishwe block na Mama Gavin

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