Amberay’s Funny Comeback

Socialite Amber Ray has clapped back at a fan who claimed that she is active and half-naked because she was dumped. Amber Ray responded and told the fan that the next man she will be having is the fan’s father.


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“Ndio role model wenyu ameamka😂good morning” Amberay wrote

“Ukishaa baki bila mtu ndi unaanza kukaa active na half naked ” The fan stated

“Ni babako ndio target sasa😅” Amberay replied.

This is after the socialite confirmed that she had broken up with businessman Jimal Ibrahim Marlow, alias Jamal Rohosafi. Amber Ray stated that they are no longer together days after Jamal deactivated his Instagram page.


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The mother of one also stated that she is not affected by the breakup, adding that her life is all about making memories.

“Like I said, I live for now and life is all about creating memories,” she wrote.

Further, Amber spoke on her recent confrontation with Jamal’s first wife, Amira, claiming that she was fighting for herself and not for Jamal.

Few weeks later Amber Ray declared that she is single and not yet ready to mingle

Here are some of the reactions from her fans ;

😂😂😂😂kwa empress ama???

😅😅 hio caption

Really God is watching u

Ati masaa ni ya😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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