Amberay’s Advice To Her Future Bae

Amber Ray is praying for a man who pretty much will treat her like a Queen.

she said this when sharing details of US RnB singer Ciara’s birthday gift from her husband Russell Wilson.

Ciara just turned 36 and her cute husband gushed over her saying ‘Perfect in every way. God made you for me. He made you to fit perfectly in my arms. An amazing woman & mother. Gifts to entertain the world thru Dance, Music & Fashion. You Tilt the room! You bring JOY & LOVE to ALL things! Happy Birthday my Queen!‘


Russel took Ciara to dinner to the rooftop of a building overlooking the city of Seattle. Everything on the floor was decorated with a bunch of candles, several bouquets of red, and white roses in addition to a trail of rose petals on the floor.

So Amber took to her Instagram stories to share a clip of the two sharing a loving couple moment. Amber wrote what type of man she wants ‘To my future husband, please wherever you are..start going for classes of how to be romantic coz if it’s not like this..I don’t want it.. no wait, just look for money, the rest I’ll teach you’

She cheekily added a laugh emoji.


Amber Ray since her break up with Jimal has said she has not given up on love and will get married again.

She turns 30 years old in November, and hope she is manifesting a man for her big day.

Happy dirty thirty in advance Faith.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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