Amber Ray’s Pic With Son Sparks Reactions

Amber Ray recently uploaded a photo with her son, Gavin and we can’t get enough! She uploaded an amazing photo alongside her son and honestly, they look bomb! In the photo, Amber Ray is wearing a red dress and her son is wearing a black hoodie and grey pants and honestly, their looks complemented each other. Amber Ray posted the pics expressing love to her son. She maintained that she is working hard so that her son will never lack anything and thanked God for how far they had come.

Immediately, fans filled in her comment section telling her how she is a wonderful mother to her son Gavin. Some noticed how these two resembled each other, I mean, what do you expect? they are mother and son, of course, they were going to resemble each other. Others lauded Amber Ray for her high fashion sense. But you know there will always be those fans who do nothing but hate on a celebrity. A section of fans felt like the dress she was wearing was revealing too much, considering she was next to her son.

She posted the photos accompanied with the following caption:

One thing I know is with God beside me…..My kids won’t get it from mud, they will get It out of the garden from seeds I’m planting today… let’s stop glorifying struggling and leave a legacy 😉 cc


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Motherhood is awsome you always can’t wait for something

Amberay atafute. The I date a Somali. Get a beautiful girl ndo kijana wa Amber amchukue then tukule pesa ya Amber. Looks like a plan 😂 let me sleep

Lakini umwambie asante @zaheerjhanda hio mbegu sio ya kuokotwa kinoo

Y’all looking 🔥🔥
Also Amen to the caption! @iam_amberay

I love how you relate with your son

I love you guys walai😍😍❤🔥

He got that smile from you

Mama’s look alike

👏I love the statement…..let’s stop glorifying struggling

 give the queen and the prince a space bana😍😍❤🔥👏

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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