Amber Ray Reveals She Used To Sell Matumbo

Socialite Amber Ray’s life was not all rosy as it looks now.  Just like many celebrities, the socialite had a question and answer session where she asked her fans to ask her any questions since she had time to answer them all.

One of her fans asked her what her fans hustle was and she said that she used to sell matumbo and used to live in a single room with her son, Gavin, who was eight months old then. Below is how she responded to the question.

 “Kuuza matumbo itwas f**ked up living in a single room with an 8 month old kid  and no househelp, I used to leave Gavin at my friends place I rush to KMC then back to Kahawa West nazungusha matumbo. I had to sell stock yote ya kila siku since I didn’t have  a fridge.  I remember the mathree people they used to frustrate me  juu ya harmful ya matumbo enyewe wacheni god aitwe `mungu”



Amber Ray revealed that she gave birth to her son when she was eighteen years and since she had just had a baby, she had to hustle to cater to his needs. Speaking about Gavin, Amber Ray has never revealed his father’s identity. For those who had questions regarding his identity, Amber Ray gave them a rude answer. One fan also asked her whether she is planning to get another baby and she revealed that even Gavin was not planned for.


Amber Ray is an entrepreneur and who sells beauty products to her fans. She also advertises small businesses on her social media accounts.


Fans were really invested in her private life since most of the questions were revolving around her private life. One asked her if she was dumped by Jimal and she responded by asking who Jimal was.

 ‘Is it true ulikua umeachwa?”

She responded with “hiyo ndio nini?”

Another adoring fan wanted to hook her up since she is now single asking ‘nataka nikuconnect na my rich uncle utakubali?”

Another fan asked whether she was still together with Jimal and she said that she is very much single and she is not searching and she doesn’t need anybody in her life.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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