Akothee supports Eric Omondi says there is somethings wrong with Kenyan music industry

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has come out to offer support to comedian Eric Omondi amid a clash with Kenyan music artists.

In the past few days, Eric Omondi has been clashing with various Kenyan artists by calling them out to raise the bar in the country’s music industry.

The funnyman claimed that Kenya’s music industry lost its vigours and that’s why musicians from other countries are not only beating them on the international platform but also in their own country.

He further instead asked the musicians to stop attacking and abusing and instead go to their studio and produce quality music.

“Kwanini hii kitu inawauma sanaa kama si ukweli??? THE TRUTH HURTS, You guys lost the PLOT. Badala ya Kuskiza advise munaleta Kiburi na EGO!!! Wa NAIJA, wa JAMAICA na Wa TZ wame wa overpower!!! STOP THESE NONSENSICAL REPLIES AND HIT THE STUDIO,” he said.

Omondi’s sentiment has angered many Kenyan musicians who have resorted to abuse and mock him over. He has, however, received rare backing from singer Akothee who noted that there was some amount of truth in Omondi’s urge for Kenyan artists to wake up.

Akothee said that foreign artists have beaten her Kenyan counterparts and that is why they are paid a penny during events as foreign artists part ways with millions of money.

The mother of five said Kenyan musicians have turned out to be curtain-raisers for foreign singers in their turf which should not be the case.

“Eeeh Mimi hata siimbi, Soo hii hainihusu … I can’t catch lakini, ka ukweli Fulani kako hapo kwa Eric Omondi, some artist in collect petty cash for performance, curtain-raising for the artist from outside the country 🤔in the name of unapewa platform,” she said.

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    Written by George Okello

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