Akothee Blasts Kempinski

Singer Akothee just marked one year since she launched her foundation. She held a party at the Kempinski hotel and had a few friends over to celebrate with her. The event was graced by celebs like Kabi wa Jesus, Nameless and Wahu, Nick Mutuma, and Janet Mbugua. 


From the photos, you’d think that she had a good time but that would be wrong! After the event, Akothee took it to her Instagram to express her disappointments in the hotel.

She said the management was very unprofessional and bitter. The singer vowed that she would never go back to the hotel ever again and claimed it was dusty and rusty. 

Word going around is that Akothee failed to settle her bills at the hotel and that’s why she is throwing words around. But, Akothee was named to be among the richest celebs in Africa, how true is it that she failed to settle her bills? Below are some of the comments from some of her followers. 


Let me guess you wanted discounting in the name you are doing promo for them

Sisi wengine tunakataa kustep kwa baze ya mutura mwingine ni Kempinski😢😢😢😂😂😂😂

If we don’t hear from her by Wednesday 6PM I will personally remind her 😑😑😑 We need this tea covered fully

It’s a good thing sijaingia huko basi😂😂😂..never thought I’d ever feel good about not going there😂😂

😮 An email to the hotel Gm would have a better way to handle such an issue.

😮😮hapa kuna mtu anamwaga unga..mtu anaenda home😂

😂😂ote n Ju y Bill akothe ako n 1.4m n ameambiwa n Manager hakuna tuli agree kuhost izo upuzi zako n 2m n tukakubaliana sa akothee amecatch😂😂😂 inshort hakuna discountwho told to come, we need presidents not her

That place is overrated… Hardly one week sinfe i complained of the same…. People should avoid

Aiyaa hii ni overcharging heheh bei iligeuzwa 😂😂

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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