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Dramatic scene as Man busts Nyanza governor pants down with a fellow politician wife

by Joshua Wanga
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Residents of the great Nyanza region were treated to a high octane show after one of the governor’s in the region was caught in the act with a fellow politician’s wife in bed

The governor whose personality has been hidden from the public eye is said to be married to a substantial number of wives but had a mischievous eye on his colleague’s wife and sought to seize the golden opportunity when it came by his way.

In any case, the decisive moment was disrupted after the man of the house caught up with them in the act, compelling the governor to use alternative means to rescue himself.

The county is said to have brandished a firearm and threatened to fire the man of the house before his body guards swing into action.

However, things turned sound after the duo were stuck together like glue and couldn’t separate. It is said that the husband to the lady had sought help from traditional herbalists after he recognized his wife’s cheating character.

The governor however had to give the guy a lump sum amount of money in order to secure his freedom.

In another sceneario that occured one year ago, a renowned governor was caught pants down with a wife of his constituent. The proverbial 40 days for the county boss elapsed last week after he was busted in a hotel room by the woman’s husband, who had gotten whiff of the affair.

On the fateful day, the governor is said to have released his entourage and remained with two of his trusted bodyguards at the hotel and went to the VIP room and minutes later, he was joined by the woman who works at the establishment.

A source told The Grapevine that the woman’s husband busted the two, forcing the county boss to kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

On learning the embarrassing incident, his bodyguards locked the main gate to the hotel and no one was allowed to get out until the matter was ironed out.

The governor is understood to have parted with a big sum of money to prevent the matter from leaking to the public.

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