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Drama alert! Akothee opens up about her rocky relationship with her siblings

by Paul Nyongesa
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Controversial singer Akothee has finally opened up about her strained relationship with some of her family members, including her sister Cebbie Koks and brothers.

Speaking during a radio show on NRG, the mother of five claimed that jealousy was the main reason for the beef, which she says developed after she acquired wealth.

Akothee alleges that some of her family members dislike her because of the negative stories they heard from relatives.

“As a celebrity, when you trend negatively, nobody wants to be associated with you. Even family only come to you when they want a favour. They will never defend,” she said.

Akothee also advised fellow celebrities to stop sharing their houses with their relatives and to avoid using personal events to reconcile with family members.

She advised first-born children to manage the spirit of expectation from their family and not to fight unnecessary battles.

According to Akothee, when she started planning her wedding last September, some of her family members claimed that she was competing with her sister Cebbie Koks.

Her brothers also did not attend the wedding because they took sides. The situation escalated when she lost her pregnancy and was accused of chasing clout.

Akothee said that her sister Cebbie Koks is ungrateful, yet she took her to school from the time she was in class seven. She said that she has not been told what wrong she did to her sister.

When asked if she would want to make peace with her siblings, Akothee said that she has her children as her family.

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