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Dr Ofweneke’s Baby Mama Reveals Why She Refuses Female Friends

by Samantha Ruth
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Nicah the Queen, the baby mama of popular standup comedian Dr Ofweneke, recently took to Instagram to share her reasons for not wanting female friends. The revelation came after Nicah posted a screenshot of a conversation that she claimed was between her fiancé DJ Slahver and one of her female friends.

Although Nicah did not disclose the identity of the sender, she implied that the friend was making advances towards her partner. While the conversation seemed unclear, Nicah used it as “proof” to justify her reluctance to have female friends.

In her Instagram post, Nicah expressed her amusement at the situation and called out the well-known celebrity friend who she accused of attempting to pursue her man behind her back. Nicah sarcastically mentioned how the friend had insisted on having Slahver over for dinner at her place, only to slide into his DMs when she realized Nicah was not interested. Nicah also mentioned that she had observed their extravagant lifestyle and questioned whether they wanted her and Slahver to suffer.

The leaked conversation emerged just days after Nicah revealed that she had received 12 marriage proposals since her separation from Dr Ofweneke. She expressed her surprise at these proposals and jokingly mentioned one incident where a mother proposed to her on behalf of her son who was abroad.

Nicah’s split from Dr Ofweneke was marked by allegations of domestic abuse, with the singer publicly accusing her ex-husband of being a wife-batterer. After their separation, Nicah began dating DJ Slahver (Joseph Mwenda), and according to her, they have maintained celibacy since they started dating almost two years ago.

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