Women in a suspected affair with a local cheif files claim.

Sleuths from Directorate of Criminal Investigation are investigating an incident involving a woman suspected of lodging a false rape complaint against an area cheif in Londiani’s Kimasian Location, Kericho County.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Woman, identified as Mary is believed to have falsely accused her area cheif of forcing himself on her, after her husband discovered that the two have been having a clandestine sexual affair since August.

The Woman. Who was accompanied by her husband, alleged that the area cheif had stormed her homestead earlier in the day and ordered her out of the house.

“She further alleged that when she obliged, the cheif then forced her into a nearby maize where he raped her repeatedly. Detectives launched immediate investigations into the serious allegations against the local Administrator who had since been detained,” said a statement from the DCI.

According to the DCI statement, the Londiani based sleuths discovered that mercy and the cheif had indeed been in a relationship and for a period of time.

“On the day the cheif is alleged to have forced himself on mercy, the two were in constant communication and had agreed to meet at their usual place,” their statement revealed.

The investigators also retrieved Mpesa transactions detailing how the woman had been receiving money from the cheif after every illicit encounter they had, since August.

“These among other Revelations in the possession of our detectives including how the woman’s husband tried to lay trap for the cheif by luring him to meet with his wife seriously casted doubts on the woman’s allegations that the chief had indeed brutally dragged her into the maize plantation and forced himself on her,” their statement added.

The agency cautioned members of the public against making false claims against individual in regards to sexual assault.

“While the DCI encourages victims of of any form of sexual abuse to make their report for our immediate action, we equally caution the public against making false allegations against any individual, just to get back at them,” DCI warned

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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