Why Catholic Nuns Caught With Bhang Won’t Be Charged

Three Catholic nuns found in a vehicle ferrying 13 bales of marijuana will have no case to answer after being let go scot-free by police officers.

According to reports, the police found nothing to connect the nuns with the concealed illegal substance.

The nuns were among the other four occupants of the vehicle that was traveling from Malaba to Nairobi.

The vehicle was impounded by detectives as it tried to enter Nairobi after being flagged by officers from the Langata division along the Southern bypass, but its driver declined to stop for a police check, forcing the police to trigger a high speed chase.

After chasing the vehicle to a stop, the police were astonished to find the nuns from Benedictine Sisters also in the vehicle.

The Catholic missionaries were let go after the police could not connect them to the consignment because they had boarded the vehicle as passengers and were headed to a convent in Karen.

“The sisters who were at pains to distance themselves from the drugs explained to the detectives that they had earlier boarded the vehicle at Malaba on the Kenya-Uganda border, paid their fare and the driver was just about to drop them off in Karen when the detectives flagged down the vehicle,” DCI said.

The driver of the vehicle was also not arrested after he reportedly ran away to the darkness around the Kabage area after realizing that the police were closing down with him during the chase.

After a search was conducted in the vehicle, a nicely concealed consignment of Cannabis Sativa and three jerry cans of illegal brew, Chang’aa were recovered.

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    Written by Brian Okello

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