Two arrested in Lamu for gang-raping a mentaly handicapped woman

Two sex predators have been detained in Lamu for allegedly sexually assaulting a handicapped woman while masquareding as good samaritans.

According to the Directorate of criminal investigation (DCI) report, the suspect, Shadrack Murimi, 45 and Hiribae Kokane, 43, subjected the woman in an aboandoned house in Sina Mbia area.

The police said the suspects were accompanied by a nyumba Kumbi elder Samuel Ngumu, were on patrol when they bumped into the middled aged woman preparing tea in the crime-prone area.

” She had a loaf of bread. fearing for her safety, Ngumi told the two men to watch over her as he went to seek help,” the police report said.

However, Ngumi got a shock of his life when he returned to the spot and caught Murimi on the act of raping the disabled woman. Kokane had already taken his turn and fled the scene.

With the help of residents, Ngumi rescued the woman and alerted the police. They were both arrrested and locked up behind bars waiting to be arraigned in court.

The officers took the terrified victims to the nearby Hindi Mogogoni dispensary for medical examination. The rapist were also subjected to a medical examinatio.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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