Suspect narrates how catholic priest sodomized Him before Attempting to kill him

The main suspect in the murder case of Father Maingi Kyengo has narrated how the late Catholic priest from Machakos County sodomized and attempted to kill him.

While confessing to the murder of the priest, Michael Muthini revealed that he first met Father Kyengo during a mass session in Mbingoni Catholic church.

Through his lawyer Kirimi Guantai, the suspect told the court that it was during the session that the father asked to see him after the mass. After the mass, the suspect told the court that he went to see the father who only gave him his contact but instructed him to call him later.

Muthini went home and called Father Kyengo as instructed. It was after this call that he told the court that the late priest started getting closer to him. He said the priest could visit him at home, text, or call him on regular basis.

At some point, he said, the late priest could take him out, pay his college fees as well as provide him basic needs.

”We would share meals and drinks,” Muthini told the court.

While hanging out together, Muthini told the court that he could refer to Father Kyengo as his big brother but the father could call him with romantic names such as “My dear” or “Sweatheart”.

He told the court that hell broke loose after one day the father visited him at his home in Gategi in Mbeere South for the first time.

”The late father called me and informed me that he was at Mwea town and said that he was going to stay at my place overnight as it was late for him to drive for a long-distance via a rough road as he was headed to Machakos,” Muthini said.

During the visit, Muthini told the court that the priest brought him some shopping. After sharing the supper at home, the suspect proceeded to the bathroom to clean it so that the father could take shower.

He told the court that while cleaning the bathroom, the father called him for a glass of juice that he had already poured in glass. It is after taking the juice that he started feeling dizzy. He revealed that he told the deceased of his dizziness who let him sleep.

He said that he regained his consciousness and woke up at 3:30 am with a lot of pain around his anal region and a watery discharge around his buttocks. At the time, the late father was sitting next to him while naked and smiling. It is at this moment that the Catholic father had sodomized him.

When he asked the late why he had committed the offense to him, the deceased reportedly told him that he had not committed the crime softly.

”He went ahead to caress me and told me that he had every right to do whatever he wanted as I had no means of repaying him what he had done for me earlier,” Muthini told the court.

Muthini told the court that the father left his house that morning after realizing that he was not pleased with his action.

”Kama nimekuumiza pole sana ,chukua hio pesa nimeweka juu ya meza ukanunue dawa chemist .Wacha nikimbie kazi tutaongea”

After being sodomized by the priest, the suspect said he felt disillusioned in living and ashamed to share the news with anyone hence he anticipated committing suicide.

He told the court that he later called the priest threatening to report him to his bosses at the Paris. The priest, however, pleaded with him saying that he would lose his job if he reported him.

The suspect further told the court that the late priest also promised to come to his home so that they could solve the matters without involving others.

On October 9, 2019, the Father went to the suspect’s house as they had agreed, he (the priest) was however drunk. On arrival, the suspect told the court that the priest started insulting him telling him how poor he was and needed his money for survival. He also told the court that the late also attempted to touch him inappropriately.

”Instead of asking for forgiveness, he came towards me and started caressing me. When I resisted, he held me by force and that is when we started struggling,” Muthini said.

While still struggling, Muthini told the court that the Father hit him to the ground with a plastic bottle. At this point, the suspect said it is when he realized that the priest was intending to kill him to cover up the case about sodomizing him.

Muthini said that he fell where a panga was and as the priest continued to hold his throat, he reached to the panga and cut his neck.

Father Kyengo disappeared on October 8, 2019, and was found murdered eight days later with his body buried in a shallow grave in Masamba seasonal river in Makima Mbeere South, Embu County.

Muthini was arrested at Kiboo along Nairobi’s Mombasa road on October 11 2019 by DCI officers while driving the priest’s car. He led the DCI detectives to the place where he had buried the Father’s body.

Muthini was arrested alongside his two other accomplices Kavivya Mwangangi and Solomon Mutava.

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    Written by George Okello

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