Shock as Kapenguria man strangles his girlfriend inside maize plantation, rushes to police station

A 29-yr-old man in Kapenguria is in police custody after confessing to have killed his girlfriend for allegedly cheating on him.

The suspect, Nelson Baraza alias TupaTupa told detectives that he lured Egla Chepkprir to a maize plantation where he strangled her to death using a leso.

“Nelson Baraza, 29, alias ‘TupaTupa’ ,walked casually to Kapenguria police station in West Pokot, and requested to see the DCIO over a matter that he wanted to report,” said the DCI report.

“He was led to the criminal Investigation office where he told our officers that he had murdered his girlfriend and didn’t want her kin and our officers to spend valuable time to look for her. He therefore requested the officers to accompany him to the location where he had committed the crime and left,”DCI report added.

Upon arrival on the foot at Kamatira hills, 10 Kilometers away from the station, they were confronted by the body of 20-year-old Egla Chepkorir, sprawled under a tree in middle of a maize plantation.

Baraza told detectives that he had killed the deceased after he found out that she has been in a clandestine love affair with another man.

“With the pain of betrayal, he lured her to the plantation and brutally murdered her using a leso before walking to the police station to book himself for the murder,” Said the DCI.

Sleuths processed the murder scene, recovered the less used to murder the victim and arrested Baraza for the self confessed crime.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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