Pastor among three arrested for robbery with violence in Busia.

Undercover detectives have arrested three suspects, one of whom is a pastor in a series of robberies that have rocked Nambale town in Busia County.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, the suspects were arrested after a four-day sting operation that was conducted to put to an end the escalating crime wave that had bedeviled the town.

“Maviala Shisanya, 34, Xavior Ojuma, 32, and the man of the clothes Nicholas Mabiala, 32, were arrested two days ago in Bungoma Town and whisked to Nambale police station for further investigation,” said a DCI report on their Twitter page.

The suspect led detectives to their hideout where an assortment of goods stolen from robbery victims was recovered.

The goods included music system, gas cylinder, mobile phones among other valuables suspected to have been stolen.

A 24 year-old woman was found with a 6kg gas cylinder and a music system believed to have been stolen was also arrested for handling stolen property.

The suspect have currently being arraigned waiting to face robbery with violence charges.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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