Mystery As Married Woman Kidnap Self, Elope With Young Lover And His Girlfriend

The Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is yet to unravel how a married woman who allegedly kidnapped herself eloped with her younger boyfriend and his girlfriend.

The woman is said to have eloped with the lover and lied to her husband and family that she had been kidnapped.

The woman, Jane Wairimu Ndung’u, is said to have disappeared on September 17 before making a call to her husband, Brian Mutuku claiming she was in the hands of kidnappers who wanted a Ksh.200 ransom.

“She claimed to have been kidnapped by unknown people who were demanding Sh200,000 as ransom,” DCI Director George Kinoti said.

Kinoti revealed that Wairimu told her husband she was kidnapped along Loita street, in Nairobi’s CBD.

After revealing her ordeal to her husband, Mutuku reportedly filed a missing person’s report at the DCI before.

As the DCI continued to pursue the alleged kidnappers, Wairimu’s kin and her husband reportedly raised Ksh.17,00o and sent them.

After receiving the cash, Wairimu and her alleged kidnapper reportedly eloped to Malaa in a cab with her lover.

“As days went by, the family became impatient and formed a WhatsApp group to make contributions towards her release,” Kinoti said.

From the fundraiser, the family raised Ksh.40,000 which they sent to the alleged kidnapper. It is after receiving this that the two reportedly moved from Malaa to Mtito-a-Ndei where they withdrew the money.

At the time they were eloping, the alleged kidnapper, Richard Mogire, had also promised his 21-year-old girlfriend to take her out for a date. This forced the girlfriend kept calling Mogire questioning why she had stood her up.

Mogire’s girlfriend threatened to dump him for failing to keep his promise. It is after this that Mogire cut short his journey with Wairimu and returned to Nairobi.

“Mogire changed the vehicle he was earlier using to avoid detection, picked his main girlfriend from the Juja based university, and went with her to the one-roomed house where he had stayed with Wairimu since her disappearance,” Kinoti said.

After returning to Nairobi, Mogire reportedly took her two lovers to a one-roomed abode where they stayed until the day they were all arrested by the police on Wednesday.

“How Mogire convinced his campus girl to hang on and play ball yet she wasn’t part of the initial plan, remains a puzzle,” he said.

Upon interrogation at the Embakasi police station, Wairimu revealed that she lied about her kidnapping so that she could run away from her creditors who were pressuring her for a refund.

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    Written by George Okello

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