Indian investor conned over Sh200 million in fake gold scam.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation on Wednesday arrested a suspect for allegedly defrauding a foreigner of Close to Sh200,000 in a fake gold scam.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) report, the suspect who styles himself as a gold dealer obtained $ 1,780,000 from one malian Sanjay, based in Mumbai India on the pretext that he would sell him 44.45 kgs worth of gold.

” The gold was to be shipped from Guinea Bissau through Kigali before being loaded on a plane to india via Jomo Kenyatta International Airpot,” said a report according to investigations by serious crimes detectives based at DCI headquaters.

“Once the complainant recieved confirmation from lopes that the shipment was on transit to Nairobi, he was contacted by a person purporting to be from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), a few days after,” their statement added.

The caller identified as Hezbon Nyabola, informed Sanjay that his consignment had been detained at JKIA for non payment of custom duty.

As a result Sanjay sent him a further $26,700 to clear the consignment and facilitate its shipment.

After the gold failed to arrive in India within the agreed upon time, the investor become suspicious and sought assistance from detectives, who immediately moved in and recovered the consignment at JKIA. However, what was supposed to be gold worth over sh 190 million eas dicovered to be river pebbles, according to the DCI report.

The suspect was placed in Custody, pending arraignment in court for obtaining money for false pretenses.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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