How I escaped police cell- self-confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala narrates before death

Self-confessed killer Masten Wanjala on Friday, narrated how escaped the police cell before he was beaten to death by a mob at the Mukhweya village in Bungoma .

Wanjala told those lynching him he disguised as a petty offender and handled officers money he had before walking out on Tuesday night.

Wanjal then hiked a lift on a lorry to Bungoma where he joined villagers, not knowing that villagers were baying for his blood.

It emerged that wanjala escaped from custody at the Jogoo Road Police station on October 13 where he was been held for close to a month.

It was untill Wednesday morning that officers who were taking over realized he was missing.

Authorities had launched a massive manhunt for the fugitive who admitted to killing more than 10 young boys during a five-year period.

He also confessed to druggling them and in some cases drinking their blood.

Wanjala also posed as a football coach to lure his victims to secluded areas, after which he attacked them.

Untill his arrest on July, he took police to burial site of his victims where bodies have since been recovered.

Three police officers who were on duty when he escaped have been charged with aiding the escape of a suspect and negligence.


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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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