A licensed firearm holder in custody for lossing his firearm in bitter love triangle

A 47-year-old licensed civilian holder was yesterday evening been disarmed and his license retained after an incident involving him and a younger man he suspect to be enjoying clandestine extramarital affair with his wife.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, the suspect is believed to have trailed his wife from their home in Mtwapa to Tamaduni gardens in Kilifi Town, where he busted her with the 29-year-old man having a good time in the car.

The DCI says the man reached for his Czeska pistol and discharged one round in the air, ostensibly to scare and get hold of the young man who jumped out of the car and fled for dear life.

The suspects was therefore arrested for unjustifiably using his firearm posing danger to other members of the public. He is currently being processed waiting to be arraigned in court.

Elsewhere, two lovers committed suicide on Saturday by jumping from the third floor of an Apartment in Mtwapa’s Luxury area.

According to tenants at the Bisgal Apartment, where the incident happened, the couple jumped from the balcony of their apartment at around 3.a.m.

“According to the apartment’s guard, he heard a loud bang in the backyard followed by the deafening noise of a car alarm that immediately went off,” a police report by the DCI read.

The guard went round to check what was happening, only to be confronted by the sight of a man’s naked body, lying on the ground.

After accessing the house whose door had been latched from inside, detectives established that the two had been fighting prior to committing suicide.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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