You have bad vibe! – Tiffah tells Zari during a confrontation

Tiffah Dangote, on Tuesday, took an issue with her mother Zari Hassan after she denied her a chance to copy her father Diamond Platnumz.

In a video shared by Zari on Instagram, Tiffah is heard telling her mother that she (Zari) has been unfriendly and could not allow her to be like her father.

“You have bad vibes, bad energy. Mummy you do! Momma, I am telling you you have bad energy!,” Tiffah is heard telling Zari during the confrontation.

“I wanna do the same like papa,” she added amind the clash with her mother.

In the video, however, Tiffah did not reveal what exactly Zari had denied her a chance to copy from her father.

Responding to Tiffah’s allegations, Zari claimed that it was Tiffah who was in a bad mood and she could not listen to any of her requests.

“…I have none of that stuff. You are the one with bad energy and bad vibes already… You came earlier with bad energy issues and stuff,” Zari told Tiffah

Zari noted that her kids think that she has a mood anytime she refuses to do whatever they tell her. She said Tiffah and her younger brother Nillan have been demanding from her a lot of things that she is not ready to give them.

“You say mummy has bad energy because I keep saying no? You want toys, you want this, you want that, when I say no it’s bad energy? No, I am just being mummy,” Zari told her children.

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    Written by George Okello

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