Vera Sidika Hires A Limo For Her Newborn

When she announced the birth of her daughter Asia Brown, Vera Sidika promised to treat the newborn as princes. And that is what she has been doing ever since the baby came to the world.

It all began when she imported expensive organic diapers from the US for the little one. According to reports, the diapers are made of bamboo biodegradable materials and a luxurious cloth-like upper layer that offers comfort to the baby.

Other than expensive diapers, Vera also organized a huge and expensive baby shower for the child days before she was born.

Most recently the socialite went big once again for her baby girl. Vera opted to come out of the hospital to take her daughter home. The 32-year-old businesswoman decided to give her child her first ride in a Limousine.

Vera Sidika said that it is her husband Brown Mauzo who hired the Limo for their princess. Following the nice gesture from the hubby, Vera noted that she and the daughter owed the musician everything.

“Bae got @princess_asiabrown on a LIMOUSINE for her first ride. While leaving the hospital 😩❤️🥺 so sweet. She’s Daddy’s little girl 💃🏻💃🏻 we love you @brownmauzo254 ❤️😘,” Vera said.

Vera revealed that she can give her child the best treatment because she gave birth to her when she was financial and emotionally ready to have her.

“Having a child when you are ready is important. Trust me. If you can just till ur are ready. Don’t rush. Sometimes women rush into it coz of peer pressure. Oh, sijui age blah blah. But what’s the point if u r not ready & cant fully provide or give your child the best life. Is life better than the one you had growing up?

“I am 32 years old. Yeah, they say I had a baby late but so what? If I had one at 20 or 25 would I be this prepared ready? Would I have flourished my entire pregnancy? Would I even have a gender reveal or baby shower or even enjoy my pregnancy? Nope,” she said.

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    Written by George Okello

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