Tanasha Has Always Been Diamond’s One Choice – Video Director Reveals

Though they have always had a misunderstanding from time to time, Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna’s love story never seem to end.

A few days ago, Diamond’s music video director, Hascana revealed that the Tanzanian singer chose Tanasha over anybody else to be his video vixen in his latest song Naanzaje.

Speaking to Wasafi TV, Hascana revealed that Diamond wanted Tanasha to be the star in the new song. According to Hascana, Diamond had even called Tanasha about his plans to include her in his music video but he later changed his mind.

Music video director Hascana. Photo: Instagram

“Mtu wa kwanza aliyekuwa anapashwa kushoot hii video (Naanzaje) ni Tanasha Donna. Tanasha Donna angefaa kuwa vixen kwenye hii video, awe main character kwenye hii video… Diamond akawasiliana na mzazi mwenziwe Tanasha juu ya kushoot kwenye hii video,” Hascana told Wasafi TV.

Hascana noted that Diamond later changed his mind about Tanasha being a vixen in his song after noting that he had already done a song with her. He therefore opted to go for the Dubai who featured in the song.

“… Then the other day akaniambia,’ahh kwa ajili tusishuti na huyu dada (Tanasha)… Alikuja tu naye, wajua huyu dada kutoka Dubai akaniambia ‘nadhani tutumie mtu hajawahi onekana kabisa’. Sababu Tanasha ashafanya naye kwenye Gere kwa kuwa akitokea hapa haitakuwa sawa lakini Tanasha ndio alikuwa priority number one kushoot hii video,” he explained.

The relationship between Tanasha and Diamond has been a roller coaster; sometimes they are in good terms and the other they don’t speak. Early this year, Tanasha revealed that the Tanzanian singer was not providing for their son, Naseeb Junior, and he had left her all the responsibilities of the child. During this time, she went ahead and unfollowed Diamond from her son’s social media account and deleted his photos. Diamond on the other hand, also went ahead and deleted all photos of Tanasha’s son from his Instagram page.

With the recent Hascana’s revelation about Diamond wanted Tanasha to be his vixen, it seems things have gone back to be good between the two parents.

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    Written by Brian Okello

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