Ringtone Chased Out Of Runda Home, He’s Now Spending Nights Along Jogoo Road

Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko has been chased out of his Runda home and is now spending nights at his friends’ place along Jogoo Road, according to Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi claimed that Ringtone’s Runda home was auctioned after he went broke. Following the alleged auction, Omondi challenged Kenyans to raise funds to enable the singer to raise house rent.

“Tunajua ukweli, nyumba yako ilifungwa ikakuwa auctioned na unaishi na mabeshte Jogoo Road, sasa hii maneno ya kuongea ongea achana nayo, we nipigie simu,” Omondi said.

Following his alleged plight, Omondi welcomed the Backslide hitmaker to go live with him in his Karen mansion. He claimed that his house has many rooms and he is ready to offer one to the singer.

“Kuja nikupatie room moja, uoge, ukule. Chakula itakuwa offered na kuna WiFi. Three WiFi, free food, free bed,” the funnyman said.

“Ringtone ni chokoraa,” he added.

Omondi’s statement comes after news emerged that Ringtone was kicked out of his home after a notice of eviction issued to him expired. The house is said to have been sold for Ksh80 million.

Controversial singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has finally been kicked out of his Runda home after a notice of eviction expired. The house is now being sold for millions of shillings.

Reports say that the singer had unlawfully stayed on the property which is said to have been grabbed from a Swedish national MOna Ingegerd Bjorklund who died on July 5, 2007.

Previously Ringtone claimed that he inherited the property from the Swedish national but reports now claim that he had grabbed the multimillion property.

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    Written by George Okello

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