Ringtone Attacked For ‘Degrading’ Sports Legend

Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone Apoko was put on the spot for allegedly degrading football legend Christiano Ronaldo.

The controversial singer took to his social media page to compare himself to Ronaldo by claiming that they are equally great at their respective talents.

“RINGTONE ARE LIKE @cristiano IN GOSPEL MUSIC IN KENYA 🇰🇪 🙌,” Ringtone said.

His sentiment, however, seemed to have irked some social media users who claimed that there is no way he could compare himself with the Manchester United superstar.

According to some social media users, Ringtone’s comparison to Ronaldo is like a degradation of the player. They noted that the Portuguese footballer was good at what he does, unlike Ringtone who is just “forcing himself with music”.

Even though others were in agreement that he was just as talented as Ronaldo, others challenged him to work on his English to avoid embarrassment from the international scene.

Below are some of the reactions of social media users regarding Ringtone’s comparison to Ronaldo.

m.c.o.a.s.t: We kuimba hujui!! Unaforce tu kipaji!!! Ni huruma wanakuonea tuu.

mtoto_wa_pozze: Acha kuchafua kizungu na roro😂😂😂unachoma picha😢.

iam_somaliano: Ronaldo atadhani unamtusi futa hiyo kizungu yako

drjosephright: Ukiendelea kutag Watu WA Majuu, Na Hiyo Rusungu, Uta fanya tuhurumiwe watu donate English aid😂😂

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring a last-minute goal against Villareal. Photo: Courtesy

Ringtone’s comment on Ronaldo follows Manchester United’s win 2-1 win against Villareal on Wednesday night in a Champions League match.

Ronaldo gave the Red Devils a late winner after being held on a 1-1 draw by Unai Emery’s side until the extra time.


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    Written by George Okello

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