Otile Brown Loses Millions After Take Down

Kenya’s music sensational Otile Brown has lost millions of views on YouTube after his most-watched songs were taken down from the video-sharing platform.

One of his songs that was removed from the platform includes his new song Such Kinda Loves which he did alongside Jovial. The other songs that were deleted from the platform were; Chaguo La Moyo, Aiyana, and Dusuma.

The songs had already garnered over 50 million views on YouTube with both Dusuma and Changua La Moyo each had already secured over 20 million views each. The two songs are the most-watched Kenyan songs on the video platform.

According to YouTube, the person who removed the videos was their uploader, who we cannot determine if its Otile Brown or his handlers.

In what seemed like a reaction to what happened to the songs, Otile Brown took to his Instagram stories to lament why such a thing happened as he protested his innocence.

“Why though,” Otile wrote adding sad face emoji.

“Never try cross a honest person,” he added.

The recent incident comes months after the 27-year-old singer broke the record of YouTube subscribers to become the music artist with the highest number of subscribers in Kenya. He currently has 745,000 subscribers beating Sauti Sol’s record of 742,000 subscribers.

Before the removal, his song Dusuma featuring Meddy is also the most-watched video in Kenya with over 27 million views.

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    Written by George Okello

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