Nadia Reveals How Her Family Minted Billions From Her

Singer Nadia Mukani has come out to reveal how her family minted billions of money from him without her knowledge.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Nadia noted that her family tricked her into buying the most expensive things for a house they are renovating back in the village.

The Jipe hitmaker noted she was given the responsibility of buying curtains, a responsibility she thought could cost less while her family members were given relatively cheap commodities.

“My fam opened a WhatsApp group to renovate our rural home, at first I thought wameni dharau bcoz they gave curtains sector while the rest pledged things like tv, cooker, fridge, seats, etc.  Until I went to Eastleigh & realized that it was a setup, curtains cost 2 billion,” she wrote.

Nadia’s revelation comes just weeks after she took social media to show off the money she has been making on her music tour in the US.

“Houston thank you for making it rain for me on stage! NEXT STOP KANSAS📌
Let’s GO!!!!!!!!🙌,” Nadia said as she showed off a bundle of dollars she made in the US.

She has been in the US since the first of September where she has been performing in various cities and states. She has been in the country alongside her boyfriend Arrowboy.

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    Written by George Okello

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