Mulamwa’s ex moves on, new lover showers her with love

Comedian David Oyando alias Mulamwa and his ex-girlfriend Caroline Muthoni alias Sonie seems to have taken their break up in the most possible.

Days after they announced they announced their break-up, the two seems to have started moving on with their lives.

On Monday, Mulamwa posted a photo on his Instagram page with his alleged new catch noting that he has moved on and is ready to start a new life without Sonie in his life.

To new beginnings, Rely upon the heart ♥️. Let the dust settle now,” the comedian captioned a photo with his new bae.

A day after Mulamwa revealed his new love, Sonie also seemed to have moved on with her life. From an Instagram post, the content creator seems to have found love in Kiporono Ruto alias Propesaa.

Propesaa shared a picture of him and Sonie wearing matching jumpers with Queen and King prints. The funnyman captioned the photo insinuating that he had found love in Sonie.

“Love is a thing that is full of cares and fears,” he said.

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    Written by George Okello

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