Mr. Seed: Ringtone is too bitter with life

Singer Moses Tarus Omondi alias Mr. Seed has called out on Ringtone Apoko for always bushing fellow celebrities.

Mr. Seed claimed that Ringtone has issues with his life hence he is trying to put the anger out to other people.

This comes after Ringtone claimed that he (Mr. Seed) had conned him and other artists by asking them to help him raise money to produce a gospel song but instead released a secular song.

“As far I am concerned Mr. Seed ni conman kwa sababu alituita sisi wote tukaenda emotionally venye Daddy Owen ametuita leo. Tukaenda kusupport kazi ya Mungu tukatoa pesa tukifikiri Mr. Seed atainvest hio pesa kwa kutoa nyimbo za Mungu, za kufanya Gospel ing’are lakini Mr. Seed alikuchukua ile pesa yetu akaenda kushoot nyimbo na wanawake wakisema kwamba sijui wanawake ndio dawa ya baridi,” Ringtone said in a previous interview.

Responding to the allegations by Ringtone that he is a con, Mr. Seed noted that Ringtone was just bitter with life hence forcing him to make hideous claims.

“I think Ringtone ako na bitterness zake za maisha because huwezisema niliwacon. I think on my side sikulike (him being called a con) but at the end of the day sisi sote tunajua Ringtone. He has nothing to offer having issues with people,” Mr. Seed said.

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    Written by George Okello

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