Man who singer Ringtone gave money for house rent uses money to buy expensive alcohol

Ringtone giving Mboya Ksh10k for his rent on Tuesday. PHOTO/COURTESY

At least for today, everyone knows the story of Tom Mboya, a young man from Nairobi who comedian Jalang’o offered to pay his Ksh 15,000 house rent but decided to return the money a day later, he has once again been put on the spot for another bad reason.

On Tuesday Mboya asked gospel artist Ringtone Apoko to help him pay his Ksh 18,000 house and the singer offered to give his Ksh10,000 to solve his problems.

“If you give me like Ksh10k for my rent I will appreciate it,” Mboya told Ringtone.

Ringtone gave the Ksh10k to Mboya but cautioned him of always posting on social media asking for house rent.

“Take this Ksh10K for your rent and never post on social media complaining that you have issues with your rent, are we okay,”  Ringtone said.

Moments after being helped, Mboya took to social media saying that he had a lot of money and would use it to buy Johnnie Walker Black Label which costs up to Ksh3,500.

“The first stopover sfte kupewa 10k!! Leo watu ni walewe bazu niko na pesa mingi,” Mboya said as he shared a bottle of the drink.

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    Written by George Okello

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