Lava Lava Leaving Wasafi? He Deletes All Diamond’s Photos

Wasafi Records signee Abdul Juma Idd alias Lava Lava has deleted all photos on his social media page including those of his boss Diamond Platnumz and Wasafi Records.

Lava Lava’s decision had made most music fans wonder if he is intending to quit Diamond’s Wasafi. His fans wishing to see his photos on Instagram cannot do so at the moment as all of them have been deleted.

The singer, however, left a cryptic message on his Instagram stories reading, 𝐒𝐇𝐀 𝐓𝐎 𝐍𝐀 𝐈. Some people have suggested that his message is the reverse form of Inatosha – a Swahili word that means ” it’s tiresome”. He didn’t, however, say what he perceived as tiresome.

Wasafi singer Lava Lava.

His decision to delete the photos comes weeks after he announced that will not be releasing new songs soon claiming that he is on a mission to start a group called BiteGang that focuses on nurturing young talents.

He, however, denied ever quitting Wasafi records even if he doesn’t produce music. He noted that he is in Wasafi for life and has never thought of quitting the record label.

The rumors of him quitting Wasafi comes amid criticism among music fans who claims that he has become a liability in the record label. According to the critics, the Tuachane hitmaker is not good enough for Wasafi because he does not produce hit songs like his colleagues at the record label.

“Mashabiki gani aliowaacha na mshangao,wakati hana mashabiki na mziki umemshinda,atembeee zake huko bado ajafikia kwenye ustar labda ustar tv,” a critic identified as mlaponiob  commented of the news about Lava Lava deleting photos on his Instagram page

Another one identified as vanny___manicky said: “Asijiloge tu kutoka WBC atapotea kabisaaaaasss mana hapo yupo na hasikiki.”

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    Written by George Okello

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