Konshens takes issues with Eric Omondi, asks him to stop behaving like Donald Trump

Jamaican dancehall artist Garfield Delano Spence alias Konshens has taken an issue with Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi’s claims that foreign artists have taken over the Kenyan music industry.

Over the past few weeks, Eric Omondi has been calling out Kenyan artists to raise the quality of music they produce claiming that their music is below par to match those produce in countries such as Tanzania, Jamaica and Nigeria.

The comedian has also taken an issue with music promoters in the country claiming that they using local artists as curtain-raisers for foreign artists as well as paying them lesser than those from outside Kenya.

In that regard, Eric now wants foreign music and foreign artists to be limited from coming to perform in Kenya to allow local music to grow.

His sentiments have however not sat well with singer Konshen who has told him that they, foreign artists, don’t come to Kenya because they lack enough money but because they love the country and Kenyans love them too.

He further compared Omondi’s push to that of former American President Donald Trump who wanted Americans only to consume American communities.

“Would love to sit down and hear what your issue is, are you upset with international artists for loving your country? Local artists and promoters for not doing enough shows? Local fans for showing too much love to internationals or not showing enough support locally? Or What.

“Nobody is trying to milk your country, your country just has a crazy love for all genres of music and a respect for artistry that’s why artists come there,” Konshens told Omondi.

The Gal A Bubble hitmaker further revealed that he had many offers to perform in other shows but he chose to perform in Kenya because he loves Kenyans and the real love he gets from them

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    Written by George Okello

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