Kibe Claims Janet Mbugua Was Ready To Die To Be With Ndichu Brothers

Controversial blogger Andrew Kibe has blasted former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua for castigating her husband Eddie Ndichu for being violent.

This comes after Mbugua issued a report rebuking gender-based violence following an incident that involved Eddie and his twin brother Paul Ndichu.

The twin brothers were caught on camera involved in a fight with some women at a Nairobi hotel. Following the incident, Mbugua released a statement through her social media account noting that she does not support any form of gender-based violence irrespective of who is involved.

“I condemn all forms of GBV irrespective of who is involved and will continue to speak out against it. We have laws in Kenya and Justice must prevail,” Mbugua said.

Her statement also came after some social media users claimed that she might have separated from Eddie because she was being physically abused by him.

Reacting to Mbugua’s statement and those of other social media users who claimed that Eddie and his brother were violent, Kibe has come out to express his doubts on the allegations.

Kibe, who also claimed that Mbugua might have been older than Eddie, claimed that Mbugua and other women were dying to be in a relationship with one of the brothers because of their success.

Kibe noted that every time he visited the twins, he would find a bunch of women hanging around them wanting to be in a relationship with them.

“If you go to their place, you will find a lot of girls hanging with them. Women were throwing themselves to these guys. Till today, every woman in Kenya wants these men,” he said.

He said when Janet Mbuguagot was lucky to have a relationship with one of the twins, she was celebrating.

“When Janet Mbugua bagged herself one of these boys, she was celebrating, she was over the moon. She could not stop showing us her Kinuthia everywhere. She even ahead to have a child with him,” he claimed.

Kibe noted that suddenly after the scandal at the hotel, people and women, in general including Mbugua, have turned against the Ndichu brothers and have started demonizing them.

Kibe asked people to stop judging the twin brothers from what they saw on camera but also try to find out the events that transpired before the alleged fight broke out. He suggested that the women that the Ndichu brothers were involved with might have been out to bring them down following their success in their fintech businesses.

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    Written by George Okello

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