Jalang’o wants national holiday to celebrate “Baba Gloria”

Kiss FM show host Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has urged the government to make October 26 a national holiday to celebrate major bladders Kenyans have been making on social media.

Speaking to his co-host Kamene on their radio morning show, Jalang’o noted that the country should have a “Whatsapp blunder” day to celebrate Kenyans who mistakenly sent a misappropriated message to a wrong Whatsapp group.

Jalang’o suggestion comes a day after Twitter was taken by a storm after an individual identified as Baba Gloria reportedly sent a pornography sticker to a funeral contribution WhatsApp group.

The alleged incident also comes almost the same day after another Kenyan identified as Bro Ochola mistakenly took to his church WhatsApp group to ask for his female friend for sex.

“In one way or another, a man got himself sending a very weird message to their church’s WhatsApp group how the voices in cloud nine sounded. Now we have Baba Gloria who is in a group where it is a send off then he has gone and posted a porn sticker,” Jalang’o explained.

“Was 26th of October WhatsApp blander day? We need a holiday to remember this day. What name should we give it; WhatsApp Blunder Day, or Baba Gloria or Brother Ocholla?” Jalang’o asked Kemene.

The two suggested that they would name the 26th of October, “the WhatsApp Blunder Day.

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    Written by George Okello

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