Is Jacque Maribe Moving In With Eric Omondi?

TV personality Jacque Maribe has raised eyebrows after making a hideous demand about Eric Omondi’s new mansion in Karen, Nairobi.

A few days ago, the former Citizen TV presenter hinted that she might be planning to settle with the comedian. Maribe further indicated that she and Eric might be planning to have more kids in the future.

Her revelation comes after she took to social media to ask the baby daddy, Eric if they could discuss where their children’s bedroom would be in the mansion.

Jacque Maribe. Photo: Instagram

“Tuongee juu ya bedrooms za watoto au tuwache?” Maribe asked.

Maribe’s statement comes weeks after Eric Omondi referred to Jacque Maribe as his person. Omondi’s referral to Maribe as his person might be mean that she is part of his family.

In his statement, Omondi also used love emojis to tell Maribe that he loves her together with their son, Zahari.

“MY PEOPLE😍🥰🤩😍❤❤ @jacquemaribe,” Omondi captioned a photo of Maribe and their son.

Comedian Eric Omondi. Photo: Instagram

Omondi and Maribe dated sometimes back but later broke up when the former Citizen TV anchor got pregnant for their son.

Speaking to True Love Magazine, Maribe revealed that they broke up at the time because Eric was not at the time ready to settle and have a baby, something she said it was all in for.

“I think for Eric and his career, he wasn’t very sure about the path he should take. Like do we do this and have a baby together? Not speaking ill of him but at that time he had this ‘ladies’ man’ image, there was no space for a child in that mix,” Maribe told the magazine.

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    Written by George Okello

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