Huddah tells KRA to tax 21-year-old lady gifted Ksh102 million by boyfriend


Socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe has come out to weigh on the controversy revolving Ksh 102 million that was deposited in a Kenyan 21-year-old’s bank account by her Belgium boyfriend.

Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge, a student at Technical Institute is said to have received the amount the boyfriend as a gift. The Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) has, however, denied her permission to withdraw the money.

ARA claims that the student has failed to properly explain the source of the huge amount she received within three days. The officials believe that the money is a proceed of crime and has sorted the permission of the court to freeze the account.

Weigh on the matter, Huddah noted that the Kenya authorities should let the student keep her money noting that men are capable of giving their girlfriends huge amounts of money that Kenya men can’t imagine.

“Wamanaume wanapatiana pesa mingo huku nje as pocket money. Some not all. Lakini assets people wamezoea wababa wa Kenya. Do they give pocket money?” she asked.

She, therefore, urged the assets authority to let the young lady keep her money and the only thing they can do is to take their part as tax.

Huddah also refuted claims that Felesta’s boyfriend was a terrorist as claimed by the Kenyan authorities. According to her, the boyfriend could afford the Ksh102 million considering the fact that he has invested in cryptocurrency.

“That Ksh110 million is prolly miscellaneous to that person. Considering he is into cryptocurrency. And all that good vibes Tax the gal and let her keep the coins,” Huddah said.


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    Written by George Okello

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