Has Zari Hassan switched from Islam to Christianity?

Uganda businesswoman Zari Hassan has shown signs of shifting her religious beliefs through her social media posts.

Zari, a Muslim-born has been posting Biblical and Christian quotes on her Instagram wall recently. On Sunday, October 24, Zari took to her Instagram stories posting encouraging her fans on various Christian teachings.

“It is crazy how the presence of God can completely change your mood and attitude in an instant. One worship song, one whispered prayer, one scripture verse can take you from the absolute worst mindset to a place of such peace and joy. There’s nothing like the presence of God,” one of her posts read.

“This is what the Lord says: I am making away. Isaiah 43,” another read.

In another post, Zari insinuated that she has been going to the church of late and things have slightly changed as they used to be.

The mother of five claimed previously, people could easily hold hands and pray without others having weird thoughts unlike nowadays where people take an issue on simple things.

“What happened to church dates where you both held each other’s hands and prayed for each other. Nowadays everything is so sexual, can’t even hold a decent convo without it not kinda pointing that way. Thank God lately the air is full of sanitizer leaving me no room for a dirty mind,” she said.

Zari has always left many of her followers confused about her religion as sometimes she moves towards Christianity while sometimes she moves towards Islam.

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    Written by George Okello

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