Female singer caught on camera allowing fans to touch her inner thighs

A South African singer, Zodwa Libram has been put on the spot after she was caught on camera allowing her fans to touch her inner thighs during a live performance.

In a video widely shared on social media, the singer is seen performing to her electrified crowd who were standing right underneath her while she was dressed in a very skimpy see-through dress.

During her performance, Zodwa could be seen moving towards her fans who started touching and smooching her thighs inappropriately.

As the fans continued to compete for her thighs, the singer seemed to be unbothered about stopping them, she would instead turn around to show them her bottom.

During the whole episode, it was her security guard who seemed bothered about the behavior of the fans. At some point, the security guard was seen trying to keep off the fans’ hands from touching the singer who was reluctant to move away from them.

Zodwa’s incident comes months after a Ugandan singer identified as Vinka clashed with her fans who attempted to touch her private part while performing on stage.

The Ugandan singer was performing in South Sudan when a fan attempted to reach out to touch her in between her legs.

The attempt by the fan seemed to have angered Vinka who decided to take action against the fan by kicking him continuously until security pulled her away from the fan.

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    Written by George Okello

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