Butita Turns His Back On Eric Omondi, Says He Can’t Address Him

Comedian Eddie Butita has turned his back on his old fork Eric Omondi claiming that he can’t speak to him.

Taking to his Instagram page, Butita told Omondi that he can’t speak to him directly and should do so through his management team.

Butita’s statement comes days after Omondi requested him to help him write a script for his upcoming show, Wife Material season 3.

According to Omondi, he wanted Butita to join his team so that he could bring the experience he brought from Netflix. Butita recently announced that he produced and scripted one of the shows on Netlix and that is the experience Omondi wanted from him.

Responding to Omondi’s inquiry, Butita told the President of Africa comedy that he could not speak to him directly and should go and speak to his managment. He also directed Omondi to pay about 3.6 million Kenya shillings for his services.

“@ericomondi as I told you earlier my team has insisted the rate is USD35,000 upfront juu wewe ni mtu wetu. tell your management to do the honours,” Butita said.

Omondi lamented Butita’s treatment noting that he does not only consider Butita his friend but a brother. Omondi asked Butita to receive his phone calls and stop sending his managers to him.

Omondi noted that there was no reason for Butita to send his managers to him but they should have a one on one conversation so that they can do business. He further added that the amount of money Butita had noted that he wanted, he is ready to pay even more.

“This is the problem with our Industry @eddiebutita is not only a very good friend of mine but I consider him my bro. But sasa akianza kusema ati I talk to his team na achukui simu zangu. Why would you send me to your manager and yet we can talk and do business😥😥🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️…Sisi hatuna shida ya Pesa we are only calling upon you to offer your Professional services ama juu ya Netflix sasa umeingiwa na Kiburi😥😥Shika simu yangu bro. The Show begins next week Tuesday and we need you. You’ve asked for 35,000 USD which is roughly 3.5 MILLION and we are willing to pay even more,” Omondi wrote on his Instagram time line.

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    Written by George Okello

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