Kenya Railways Unable To Pay Sh34B Accrued Debt.

Brace up again netizens, we might be forced to dig deeper in our pockets to foot this debt if this trend is not reversed at the Kenya Railway if not this parastatal will just shutdown.

As a country, we are expected to pay Sh18.7 billion to China Development Bank this financial year, being part of the Sh327 billion borrowed for the SGR’s first phase and a further 150B for the second phase of the Nairobi -Naivasha section. According to the Author General’s report, Kenya Railway management has failed to give reasons for the non-payment of the debt casting doubt on whether the corporation is best placed to run business.

Kenya railways make much of its money through the Standard Gauge Railway, concession fees, rent, Kenya Railway museum, Railway Training Institute, investments, and government grants.

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    Written by Albert

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