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Governor Kinyanjui Cries Foul over DPP’s Attack on Keroche Industries

Governor Lee Kinyanjui
Governor Lee Kinyanjui

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has cried foul after the DPP  Noordin Haji ordered the arrest of businesswoman Tabitha Karanja and her husband over allegations of tax evasion.

Speaking on Wednesday night, the Governor came out to defend the Keroche Breweries owners over tax evasion claims.

Billionaire Tabitha Karanja together with her husband Joseph Karanja is wanted by the government over alleged Sh41b tax evasion.

However, Lee Kinyanjui has come to the couple’s aid to defend them strongly against the actions taken by Nordin Haji against them.

The governor said the quest to enhance tax collection must be balanced with the need to protect businesses and save jobs.

“We must encourage a tax system that enhances compliance while appreciating the economic realities that businesses operate in,” he reiterated.

Kinyanjui went on to state that ignoring this business reality, will lead to 100 percent compliance but leave half the industries closed.

Tabitha Karanja
Tabitha Karanja

” I am ‘greatly saddened’ by the manner in which KRA is treating local investors and in particular how they have treated the Keroche Industries Ltd,” he echoed.

The Nakuru county boss highlighted that Keroche Industries Ltd is a major employer in Naivasha and the entire region, with over 500 employees who are directly engaged by the company and thousands of others who are indirect beneficiaries.

“While there may be tax matters that require redress, it would be an act of utmost betrayal to Kenyans who have built their businesses over the years, to be reduced to fugitives,” the Governor added.

Not only speaking in the deffense of the company but he also made it clear that he was looking up to the employees working under the company who would stand to lose their jobs if the matter wasn’t handled amicably. 

Mrs. Karanja, however, stressed that the company has not been involved in tax evasion and said it was inappropriate for the firm to be subjected to “humiliation and intimidation” while she was speaking live on JKL.

Tabitha further clarified that the DPP had not issued her any formal letter regarding the allegations, stating that only received the information through social medial.

The billionaire strongly believes she’s being targeted by her competitors who are using the wrong office.

Despite the DPP’s order, Tabitha said that she will not surrender herself to the police since to her all the allegations are rumors and untrue, moreover the DPP has not issued a formal warrant.

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